The Post-Reform Guide to Derivatives and Futures
Gordon F. Peery
The Post-Reform Guide to Derivatives and Futures
The first in-depth, published text after Dodd-Frank on the derivatives market, derivatives clearing, and derivatives market participants --enabling participants of all experience levels to bring into sharper focus the post-reform world of derivatives and futures.

The derivatives market is one of the largest, and most important financial markets in the world. It's also one of the least understood. Today we are witnessing the unprecedented reform and reshaping of this market, and along with these events, the entire life cycle of a derivatives transaction has been affected. Accordingly, nearly all market participants in the modern economy need to view the handling of risk by derivatives in a very different way.

Many aspects of financial services reform are based on a belief that derivatives caused the Great Recession of 2008. While the difficulties we now face cannot be blamed solely on derivatives, the need to understand this market, and the financial products that trade within it, has never been greater. The Post-Reform Guide to Derivatives and Futures provides straightforward descriptions of these important investment products, the market in which they trade, and the law that now, after July 16, 2011, governs their use in America and creates challenges for investors throughout the world. Author Gordon Peery is an attorney who works exclusively in the derivatives markets and specializes in derivatives and futures reform and market structure. Since representing clients in Congressional hearings involving Enron Corp., he has developed extensive experience in this field. With this guide, he reveals how derivatives law, and market practice throughout the world, began to change in historic ways beginning in 2011, and what you must do to keep up with these changes.

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"This timely guide provides practitioners and policymakers alike with a comprehensive history and technical understanding of the financial crisis of 2008 and the role derivatives played in that event. With Gordon Peery's extensive experience in derivatives, he is able to both inform and sometimes challenge the reader regarding the policies and regulations resulting from the crisis. A worthy read for anyone practicing in this field and beyond."

— Walt Lukken
CEO of New York Portfolio Clearing and former Acting Chairman of the U.S. Commodity Futures Trading Commission

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Book Published February 7, 2012 • Wiley Finance • Gordon F. Peery
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